Customs clearance

In view of the forthcoming Brexit, EU - UK, we are expanding our activity as a customs agent in Spain, with focus on import and export Canary Islands - EU on the import of goods EU - UK. Since 2015, we support European customers when relocating from the EU to the Canary Islands (Spain, but not EU, Customs Special Status). Official and language barriers are bridged by us and help the returnee to transfer his property with the right accompanying documents. We also produce merchandise with our local business partners in Cadiz or Huelva.


The Brexit arrives and the currently daily 10,000 trucks that are to be transported from Cadiz / Dunkirk to Dover have to be supplied with export and import customs documents. UK is currently trying to hire 5,000 new employees on the English side for this purpose alone. The French are trying to provide at least parking for the trucks with considerable construction measures. In addition to new open spaces, motorway sections are closed and converted into a parking lot.Waiting times of up to 3 days are forecasted here. Only after the waiting time and allocation of the customs papers, the driver can take care of the ferry ticket, because he does not know how long he has to wait for the customs documents. That He has to schedule 2 waiting times at about 1000 new arriving trucks / hour.

Here you need a customs agency that ensures a fast on-the-spot customs clearance and books the ferry for you seamlessly and directly on site. At the same time, we arrange for your import to the UK with our customs office in Dover. 24H / 7 days assures you the fastest possible processing and assistance on site for you and your drivers. This saves your customer downtime, which means that you can transport cheaper than your competitors and thus generate more tours / week than the competition. Your competitive advantage saves you money and gives you the space for more sales.