About us.

We are a family-run company and originated in the field of forwarding, logistics and bus companies in the 3rd generation. Even the great-grandpa delivered in the region of Westphalia first with its own truck and a little later also bus with its own driving school from 1925 to 1985 goods regional and Italy. Mainly steel and marble / travertine were transported.
A tragic accident of my uncle's only son (2nd generation) meant that the company was discontinued for the time being, sold the company and skipped the next generation.
Unfortunately, I was too young to take over the business. Since 2012, the company is rebuilt with the experiences of my 95 year old uncle, the contacts and know how. We bring it with established tradition into the modern age and adapt it to the needs of today with your requirements.

Our values ​​stand for honesty, the given word, reliability for almost 100 years. Our employees are part of the family. We always consider business partners on an equal footing and live our values ​​in daily dealings.